Learn to love your business numbers

Finances aren’t sexy I know. Many small business owners also find financial reporting daunting and it is often left to last after generating new business, networking, marketing, social media and of course providing your products and/or services to customers. But [...]

August 18, 2021|

Why you shouldn’t price cheap

I know, pricing is hard and it can be quite anxiety provoking as you question your value and worthiness as a business owner and wonder if people will be willing to pay your prices. And it seems so logical [...]

July 14, 2021|

Self-funding your small business start-up

Have a great small business idea but not much money? Don’t let stop you! Don’t let little (or no) money stop you from starting your small business. Not all start-ups are lucky enough to have large amounts of cash to [...]

March 17, 2020|

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