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Stressed and overwhelmed by your small business numbers? I can help.

Understanding and managing your small business finances is essential, but for many business owners working with numbers isn’t something they feel comfortable or confident with. People are far more capable of dealing with finances than what they give themselves credit for and it is often just the fear of numbers that gets in the way.

The basics of managing small business finances isn’t as difficult as what you may think.

Money Calm is about educating and helping small business owners understand and manage their small business finances. The more you understand your business numbers the more your business will flourish.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to business or being in business a while, I have online courses and other resources to build your confidence and develop your financial skills.

The aim of Money Calm is taking complex information and teaching it in a simple and straightforward way to empower small business owners giving them the skills, knowledge and confidence to create a profitable and sustainable business.

Money Calm Online Courses

Online Courses

Online courses to help you take the stress out of managing your small business finances

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Money Calm Free Resources

Free Resources

Free resources to help you understand and manage the financial aspect of your small business

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What participants are saying

“I just love Kim’s down to earth approach to business and her calm way of teaching.”

Leanne White

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